Interior Design

Look around….does the interior where you live and work reflect who you are and what you want to put out there? Refresh will help you make that happen!

Refresh brings passion to your project with all aspects of color and design. We offer interior decorating services that include a home visit consultation. We listen (Really listen!) to your preferences, your thoughts…and compile all the information into a vision, your vision. Then we make an action plan.

Color creates a palette that flows from room to room. Selecting the right colors will create an environment that is comfortable and personal. Color is found in furniture, paint, textiles and accessories.


I recently hired Stef and her team at Refresh to come in and do a ‘refresh’ of our office at Uncle Andy’s Digest. Stef came in, checked out our space, inquired about our wants/needs and brought several great ideas of her own. She saw that we had a super-hero theme for our own marketing and also noticed our very strong affiliation with Make-A-Wish. Stef found the perfect fabric and wall art to accentuate both! The curtains she made are absolutely amazing.

Stef took our office to the next level and improved the culture for our staff. She was a joy to work with, very professional and I would highly recommend her to anyone whether it’s their home or business. You won’t be disappointed. You’ve got nothing to lose, give Stef a call today and get refreshed!

Jimbo Marston
Owner/President, Uncle Andy’s Digest


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